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Animal Welfare: A good available to everyone!

“The way to assess the degree of education of a people and a man is the way they treat animals,” This is a well-known phrase of Thomas Edison. Certainly, in civilized countries it is a good that has legislation that fortunately respect and protect animals. Beyond the common sense that tells us what is good for an animal, farm animal or pet, we are privileged in the sense that European legislation is the toughest in the world, at least to what one knows on Animal Welfare

I will try to explain the five principles which the BVA (Britsh veterinary association) is safeguarding animal welfare. So, these are the 5 basic freedoms:
Absence of hunger and thirst: Unless our veterinarian tells us otherwise, it is very positive to feed our pet three times a day. Normally, behind the sacks of feed usually you can read what you need the animal according to their ideal weight. Your veterinarian will advise you by visual inspection what is the ideal weight of your pet, therefore, it is good to ask them about it. Regarding water, a general rule is that it should always be available and renew it daily at least.

Adequate environment (shelter, rest, comfort). It is not a very common practice, but it is very positive to create a “refuge” for our pet. We understand refuge, a quiet place, clean and preferably padded where the animal can not be bothered and can only receive positive stimuli with caresses or awards every time They are inside. It is also very positive a silent place and a temperature which they feel comfortable (22ºC). If we create such a “refuge”, the animal whenever it is afraid or stressed, will go there in order to soften the bad feeling.
Absence of injury or illness. Evidently it is important to visit our veterinarian at the slightest suspicion of disease. It is not worth waiting if you see your pet apathetic or stop eating waiting for miraculous recoveries. Time is money and luckily they do not lie when you see they are pathetic or stop eating.

Expression of normal behavior. This is fundamental; physical activity, social contact and mental  stimulation. In an urban environment, the floors do not usually have the necessary space for physical activity. In the case of a dog should be able to leave a minimum of 30 minutes three times a day as a general rule. We must also provide social contact with other animals and people and try not to leave them alone too long. If we are away from home for work or other reasons for many hours, entrusting someone to keep him company or play with him is a good idea. Finally, activities such as smelling new things, scratching the floor or chewing gives them the optimal mental stimulation for their well-being.

Absence of pain, fear and stress.There is no ethological indication where the negative reinforcement or pain is justified. Therefore, you should try to avoid punishing the animal and, at the most, to use an informative “no”. To avoid fear or stress we have already indicated the creation of a “refuge” in which they can cushion that sensation, but also, try to avoid the places or things that cause bad feelings is fundamental.
Whatever you think,  we remind you to always visit your veterinarian.
Animal Defence Associations in UK
Animals have been playing an important role in human lives for hundreds of years. If we talk about the start of the earth when human and animals used to live together. At that time, both lived together and worked to achieve the needs of each other. The time spends with each other developed a sense of connectivity between humans and animals. However, in today’s world, technological advancements have multiple positive impacts on the society as well as have some negative impacts. Some of the technological changes have affected the environment that is influencing humans and animals. Moreover, there are multiple factors that are destroying the relationship with animals. Some of the humans also abuse animals that is against the well-being of animals. Hence, to avoid such issues that are increasing day by day, multiple animal defence associations have been developed.
Animal Defence Associations
            Like multiple NGOs work for the betterment of an ignored segment of the population, animal defence associations make sure the protection of animals in any environment. The purpose of these association merely is to save animals from any type of abuse and cruelty. According to a report, every year hundreds and thousands of animals face extensive negligence, abuse and cruelty. The question is why these abuses are happening? Do people require more awareness to avoid it? The report shows that it is necessary to spread some awareness among the people so that this type of abuse should be minimized.
            For the awareness and to put a stop to these abuses, many organization are developed at national and international level. The main purpose of these international organization is to provide full protection to animals. Moreover, these animal defence associations tend to educate people not to harm animals. Some of the major organizations working at the international level are listed below:
Animal Welfare Institute
Anima Naturalis
Bat Conversation International
Birdlife International
Birdlife International
Brooke Hospital for Animals
Care for the wild international
Friends of Animals
Global Alliance for rabies control
International Animal Rescue
International Bird Rescue
Parrots International
Vegan Outreach
World Association of Zoos
World Horse Welfare
These organizations work in different part of the world to perform their operation effectively. Moreover, the motive 

is to give them the freedom to live and provide them with facilities that can play a vital role in their protection from humans as well as other environmental disasters.
Animal Defence Associations in the UK
            As most of the organizations are working internationally, the UK also has developed numerous associations to work for the betterment of animals. These organizations are working at a national and international level as well to help out other small organizations of similar type. Some of the best organizations in the United Kingdom are listed below:
Assisi Animal Sanctuary
Badger Trust
Blue Cross
British Horse Society
Cats Protection
Dogs Trust
Eurogroup for Animals
Farm Animal Welfare Council
Hounds of Heroes
Irish Blue Cross
The Mayhew Animal Home
National Animal Welfare Trust
Screech Owl Sanctuary
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary
Wetheriggs Zoo and Animal Sanctuary
Multiple organizations have been providing online facilities, these are easily accessible. Moreover, the online services include the safe delivery of your animal from one place to another and some type of first aid.

Anyway, do not forget to consult your veterinarian after modifying the behavior of your animal.

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