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Dog Training

Dog training is a process that can take unlimited time because there are multiple techniques used to train a dog. Whenever someone purchases a dog, he/she always has questions on their mind too that how to train their dog quickly. Moreover, the adaptation and growth of dog also depend on the way you teach them different things. More importantly, the size and age of the dog also determine the type of training that is needed. Do you have a question in your mind that how to perform dog training effectively? Hence, you are going to get the answer right in the article. Apart from many different pieces of training that are given to dogs, these seven are highly recommended training that should be taught to every dog. These techniques are given below:
House Training
Come Here
Lay Down
Leave it
Sit Down
Stay Here
House Training
            These are some of the very basic training that can be taught at home by spending very less time. Some of these training is routine based works that a dog can easily adapt. Some of the basic training is given below:
Daily Routine: Dogs have regular and stable nature and they try as much as they can from the things that are irrelevant. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wrong if dogs are said habitual. When you try to feed your dog at the same time daily it generates a daily routine. Moreover, by taking the dog for a walk at the same time on different days, it will quickly familiarize with the routine. Hence, you won’t have a problem to guide him by any mean if he has developed the habit of following the same
Supervision of Dog: When you have just started to train your dog, draw some limitation to accessibility for different parts of the home. You have to decide what spaces in the house mustn’t be touched by the dog like bedrooms etc.
Some Surprise Rewards: Whenever your dog achieves a new milestone, try to give a surprise reward to make them happy. It would generate a sense of bonding that can be beneficial in the future.
Come Here
            It is one of the most important skills that a dog must learn during the dog training session. The reason behind it is that this skill is utilized numerous times a day. Hence, it is compulsory for your dog that it must respond when you have called him to come here. Seeing Stay this skill developed in their dog leaves multiple owners amazed and satisfied.
            It is very essential for you to choose a quiet area while teaching this skill. Give a small gap between you and your dog and try to tell him that you are calling him. Be relax and try to be focused while you are calling a dog because your body language is what dog seeks. You can also use any fruitful thing that should attract the dog towards you. After some time, increase the distance and try it, again and again, to develop this skill at higher distances as well.
Lay Down
            It is also an important technique that will assure that your dog is relaxing now. You can teach various skills and lay down is one of them. It involves some very basic steps that are listed below:
Your god must know the skill of sitting
Hold a prize near the face and bring it down slowly
After moving it slowly to the ground, move it away from the dog then.
By using such technique, the dog will lay down.
You must be relaxed and concentrate on your body language too.
Give it multiple tries if needed.
Leave it
            The leave it commands gives you the option to save a dog from swallowing any harmful material. However, it takes more time to master for both the master and the dog. Hence, it is recommended to teach this skill in gradual steps so that you should not repeat it for the second time.
            The teaching of leave it includes few steps that are:
Show a prize and attractive thing to your dog.
Say ‘leave it’ and place it underneath your shoe.
Your dog will try different methods to get this prize from you. It also performs licking and sniffling that can be taken as a request to leave it.
Just wait until dog gives up and hopelessly get back. This is the moment you give him a treat within your hand, not the one that’s behind your shoe.
It will develop a sense in a dog that my owner is teaching me a difference between eatable and non-eatable. Repeat this process and you will get the results.
Sit Down
            Before teaching lay down technique, a dog must know this technique because it works as a prerequisite. Dogs already know how to sit, hence this technique doesn’t take long to be mastered by a dog.
            Hold a treat in front of your dog and bring it upward slowly so that dog raises his head to catch up the prize. Once he raises his head, the butt will automatically go down and touch the ground soon. Give a prize to your dog as soon as butt hits the floor and he’ll sit after taking it. After repeating it multiple time, you’ll be able to teach hand signals.
Stay Here
            This technique lets you prevent your dog from any harm by pointing him to stay there. It is very obligatory skill because you may need it some time. The stay here skill can be developed by using three simple dog training strategies.
Signal your dog to sit or lay down before applying this technique. After that hold your hand pointing towards him and say ‘stay’. After that give him the prize to build the confidence in it. repeat this process various time until your dog gets used to it.
            Sometimes your dog gets out of control if he is anxious about anything or after having a dreadful situation. It is essential to teach this skill to quickly settle him down before making any vigorous reaction.
            This training also involves various steps that must be fulfilled in order to apply it on your dog. Firstly, give a signal to step on a bench and after that sit on the same bench. Leave the very small area for the dog to either sit, turn around and stand but unable to change the side. Wait for some time, it will take some time but after realizing that there is no way out, the dog will automatically settle down. Give a prize at the end of this exercise and repeat it until the dog is comfortable with it.

Anyway, do not forget to consult your veterinarian after modifying the behavior of your animal.

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