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The Canine Immune System

The immune system in dogs is similar to most of the animals on this planet. Dysfunction of this system can result in various diseases like diabetes, infection, cancer and osteoarthritis. Hence, you must keep the immune system of your dog balanced in order to prevent such outcomes.
            The canine immune system works as a housekeeper that defends the body from external bacteria. Hence, researchers are also trying to find out the type of these viruses and bacteria that can harm your dog. Moreover, it is the main finding of research that cancer cells are reproduced quickly than the normal cell. That’s why it imbalances the body quickly but the immune system tries to avoid such situation. So, here are some of the tips that can play a significant role in strengthening the immune system of your dog.
Strengthening the Canine Immune System
            There are multiple factors that play a vital role in defining a better immune system. However, some of the steps are listed below that can have multiple positive impacts on the health of your pet.
Encourage to Play and Exercise
            A fit body always has a better immune system due to increased ability. Fitness also inflates the health and promote different organs that avoid diseases. Fat is one of the largest glands that forces a different type of instabilities to the body. It also affects the immune system due to increased weight and a higher percentage of endocrine glands. Hence, exercising removes these fats from the body that is specifically held responsible for inflammation and different type of diseases.
The Diet Plan
            The diet plan plays a significant role in determining the canine immune system of your dog. The reason is that the percentage of factors (fat, carbs, protein) must be understood well in order to have a better diet.
            The research also explains that dogs mostly east meat-based meal that is comprised of starch. The higher percentage of starch increases the chances of inflammation that negatively impacts the immune system. Hence, vegetables must be considered in the diet plan like potatoes and sweet potatoes.
            Moreover, a diet with natural fibres also results in the healthy microbiome. The diet with only bone and meat don’t really promote healthy microbiome. Thus, it is highly recommended to add some healthy and natural foods.
Supplements for Your Dog
            As in the previous section, the importance of diet plan is discussed. The nutrition facts are very essential to understand because they are key to the effective immune system. Hence, you must consider some supplements with specific nutrition facts for the betterment of the canine immune system.
            Most of the supplements usually have very beneficial microorganisms that are easily digestible. It resolves the digestive issues as well that also leaves a constructive impact on the immune system.
            Though, it must be considered first that you mustn’t give the same supplement to your dog. The canine immune system is pretty different from the human immune system, that should be understood before using a supplement.
The Remedial Power of Massage
            No one can deny the advantages related to a full body massage. Same rule goes for dogs, the relaxed body muscles results in the better immune system. The massage promotes relaxation and remedial that actually is a finest natural remedy.
            There are multiple types of research on this fact too. The research also illustrates that the massage with intermediate pressure typically enhanced the canine immune system. The effects on dog won’t be much similar to humans but the massage can have long-lasting impacts on dogs.

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