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The Sense of Smell in Dogs

If we talk about the sense of smell, then any animal on this planet can beat dogs. Dogs have an ultimate sense of smell that is a lot accurate and better than humans. A research by Alabama cooperative extension system (ACES) has stated that dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than the two-legged similar species. Moreover, many experts state that it’s one million times stronger. As a human, we can’t deny these facts because sniffer dogs are helping us for centuries. Dogs really rule if they are compared on the basis of a sense of smell.
A dog uses both his nose and mouth to sniff any scent. It is a natural process that helps them to smell through their mouth and I believe it is the reason for the better sniffing. The nostrils can simply alter the place that helps the dog to identify the exact location of smell. When a dog inhales a specific smell, it is directed toward the nasal cavity.

Dogs have more than 220 million olfactory receptors although humans only have 5 million of them. That is the reason, dogs smell faster and from a long distance. The inhaled scents are trapped inside the nasal chamber until the olfactory receptors process them to get results. Moreover, any raw particles are surrounded by an exterior surface of the nose that prevents these particles to damage these receptors. Sometimes, the same process is repeated twice to identify any odour due to numerous issues. A dog exhales and inhales air at the same time that helps to identify recent smell faster in the second attempt.
The sense of smell in dogs is the result of multiple reasons, one of them is vomeronasal organ. It resides on the bottom of the nasal cavity and dogs has a tendency to taste and smell simultaneously by two fluid-filled sacs in the vomeronasal organ. It helps puppies to locate their mother by smelling milk.
The very active sense of smell in dogs also describes it as one of their way of communication. Dogs can smell those odours that a human nose can’t because of naturally gifted receptors. It seems pretty surprising that how dogs use it as a way of communication? Dogs meet one another through sniffing, even the conversation between two dogs can be based on just smelling. For example, one dog is trying to learn different things by just using smell receptors; what is sex of another dog, whom he had an interaction, what he ate last day and what is his mood now.
Meantime, one question arises that which dog has better sniffing ability than other. Some of the breeds have a very excellent sense of smell that is used also for security purposes. Bloodhounds, beagle and basset hounds are on top of the list with stronger receptors. It also depends on the structure and height of a dog. Dogs with longer snouts have more receptors and olfactory sensors that will certainly increase the capability to smell. Bloodhounds have larger skin folds around their nose that help them to trap the scent for a longer period of time. The sense of smell in dog changes with their types but each class has a very unique reason for their enhanced sniffing.
We have also seen sniffer dogs at airports and at security breach that are used to smell drugs or any explosives. There are different breeds of dogs that can be trained to smell specific items like a different type of drugs. Sniffer dogs are also used to run down a prisoner by training the dog with the odour of that prisoner.

Anyway, do not forget to consult your veterinarian after modifying the behavior of your animal.

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