Animal Welfare: A good available to everyone!

“The way to assess the degree of education of a people and a man is the way they treat animals,” This is a well-known phrase of Thomas Edison. Certainly, in civilized countries it is a good that has legislation that fortunately respect and protect animals. Beyond the common sense that tells us what is good for an animal, farm animal or pet, we are privileged in the sense that European legislation is the toughest in the world, at least to what one knows on Animal Welfare

I will try to explain the five principles which the BVA (Britsh veterinary association) is safeguarding animal welfare. So, these are the 5 basic freedoms:

  • Absence of hunger and thirst: Unless our veterinarian tells us otherwise, it is very positive to feed our pet three times a day. Normally, behind the sacks of feed usually you can read what you need the animal according to their ideal weight. Your veterinarian will advise you by visual inspection what is the ideal weight of your pet, therefore, it is good to ask them about it. Regarding water, a general rule is that it should always be available and renew it daily at least.

  • bienestar animal con perro descansandoAdequate environment (shelter, rest, comfort). It is not a very common practice, but it is very positive to create a “refuge” for our pet. We understand refuge, a quiet place, clean and preferably padded where the animal can not be bothered and can only receive positive stimuli with caresses or awards every time They are inside. It is also very positive a silent place and a temperature which they feel comfortable (22ºC). If we create such a “refuge”, the animal whenever it is afraid or stressed, will go there in order to soften the bad feeling.
  • Absence of injury or illness. Evidently it is important to visit our veterinarian at the slightest suspicion of disease. It is not worth waiting if you see your pet apathetic or stop eating waiting for miraculous recoveries. Time is money and luckily they do not lie when you see they are pathetic or stop eating.
    bienestar animal al llevar al perro al veterinario
  • Expression of normal behavior. This is fundamental; physical activity, social contact andbienestar animal al poder oler el exterior mental  stimulation. In an urban environment, the floors do not usually have the necessary space for physical activity. In the case of a dog should be able to leave a minimum of 30 minutes three times a day as a general rule. We must also provide social contact with other animals and people and try not to leave them alone too long. If we are away from home for work or other reasons for many hours, entrusting someone to keep him company or play with him is a good idea. Finally, activities such as smelling new things, scratching the floor or chewing gives them the optimal mental stimulation for their well-being.


  • bienestar animal en un gato que tiene un refugioAbsence of pain, fear and stress.There is no ethological indication where the negative reinforcement or pain is justified. Therefore, you should try to avoid punishing the animal and, at the most, to use an informative “no”. To avoid fear or stress we have already indicated the creation of a “refuge” in which they can cushion that sensation, but also, try to avoid the places or things that cause bad feelings is fundamental.

Whatever you think,  we remind you to always visit your veterinarian.



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2 thoughts on “Animal Welfare: A good available to everyone!

  1. Rafael Luna 08/04/2016 at 7:41 pm

    Hola, Edison dijo eso? El mismo que electrocutaba elefantes para demostrar la peligrosidad de la corriente alterna de su competidor Nikola Tesla.Permíteme sugerirte que borres esta cita si es de este tipo y la sustituyas por alguna de Ghandi, Jeremy Bentham o Nietzsche.
    Por lo demás, las 5 libertades o necesidades son las normas mínimas de bienestar animal que debemos aplicar a todos aquellos animales bajo nuestro amparo o uso. El bienestar animal es una ciencia con enormes aplicaciones prácticas; por supuesto.Hay grados de bienestar y diferencias en las distintas especies a considerar.

  2. admin 08/04/2016 at 8:45 pm

    Gracias por tus comentario Rafael, sobre la frase no tengo ninguna duda que es suya ( Referente a los “experimentos” que mencionas, sinceramente lo desconocía y si es así estoy en total desacuerdo. Ciertamente existe muchas otras frases célebres acertadas, pero esta me encanta y por eso decidí ponerla. Puede que sólo sea una frase, pero estoy de acuerdo con ella.

    Referente a las 5 libertades, efectivamente son mínimas, pero no creo que estemos en un país capacitado cómo para para decir que las cumple, nos queda mucho por mejorar (toros, pelea de gallos, pelea de perros, galgos, espectáculos…). En fin, considero que empezar por lo básico es un buen objetivo inicial del que queda mucho todavía por mejorar. Y sí, tienes razón en que existen por sentido común diferentes grados de bienestar y especies a considerar. Si quieres podemos seguir intercambiando experiencias y espero escribir más tarde o temprano.

    Sea como sea, gracias por tu aporte y con tu permiso, espero tu participación en el próximo boletín.

    Un abrazo!

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