Canine Aggressiveness

Is your pet very aggressive with other dogs? Has your dog bitten someone?. The truth is that aggressiveness is a problem that affects public health and should be treated by a professional who guides the owner in making decisions about what to do with the animal and how to act.

First it should be noted that bite and aggressiveness is not the same, because a dog can bite without warning and be very aggressive without biting. In general terms, the attacks of dogs on people are of moderate or mild severity, although in some cases extreme severity and even the death of the person involved has been observed. Anyway, the lack of knowledge on the part of the owner of education and preventive measures in the treatment of the animal are usually present.. Continue reading “Canine Aggressiveness”

What does Ethology Mean?

Ethology is a term that particularly revolves around the behaviour of animals. It has a significant role in defining the limits of every society. Society is a general term and it means the group of animals living together. Hence, it would be wrong to say that only humans create a society because every animal lives in a society. It is very important to know the attitude of every individual living in a group. The flaws and gaps in the society can just be filled by pointing out the behavioural issues within the culture.

            Moreover, ethology involves the adaptation of behaviour, genetics and psychological elements that produce a behavioural response in animals. Knowing the psyche and attitude of an animal toward anything can be a simplified form of ethology as well. Moreover, it is also concerned with the necessity of heredity and revolutionary elements that alter the behaviour anyhow. Hence, this article is about animal behavioural changes that affect social factors. Moreover, some of the theories will also be discussed like Charles Darwin’s theory that specifies the nature of animals. In the end, we will relate the ethological theories to illustrate the behaviour of dogs. The dog is one of those animals influences the human civilization as well. Continue reading “What does Ethology Mean?”

Dog Training

Dog training is a process that can take unlimited time because there are multiple techniques used to train a dog. Whenever someone purchases a dog, he/she always has questions on their mind too that how to train their dog quickly. Moreover, the adaptation and growth of dog also depend on the way you teach them different things. More importantly, the size and age of the dog also determine the type of training that is needed. Do you have a question in your mind that how to perform dog training effectively? Hence, you are going to get the answer right in the article. Apart from many different pieces of training that are given to dogs, these seven are highly recommended training that should be taught to every dog. These techniques are given below: Continue reading “Dog Training”

Animal Defence Associations in UK

Animals have been playing an important role in human lives for hundreds of years. If we talk about the start of the earth when human and animals used to live together. At that time, both lived together and worked to achieve the needs of each other. The time spends with each other developed a sense of connectivity between humans and animals. However, in today’s world, technological advancements have multiple positive impacts on the society as well as have some negative impacts. Some of the technological changes have affected the environment that is influencing humans and animals. Moreover, there are multiple factors that are destroying the relationship with animals. Some of the humans also abuse animals that is against the well-being of animals. Hence, to avoid such issues that are increasing day by day, multiple animal defence associations have been developed. Continue reading “Animal Defence Associations in UK”

Animal Welfare: A good available to everyone!

“The way to assess the degree of education of a people and a man is the way they treat animals,” This is a well-known phrase of Thomas Edison. Certainly, in civilized countries it is a good that has legislation that fortunately respect and protect animals. Beyond the common sense that tells us what is good for an animal, farm animal or pet, we are privileged in the sense that European legislation is the toughest in the world, at least to what one knows on Animal Welfare
Continue reading “Animal Welfare: A good available to everyone!”

The Sense of Smell in Dogs

If we talk about the sense of smell, then any animal on this planet can beat dogs. Dogs have an ultimate sense of smell that is a lot accurate and better than humans. A research by Alabama cooperative extension system (ACES) has stated that dog’s sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than the two-legged similar species. Moreover, many experts state that it’s one million times stronger. As a human, we can’t deny these facts because sniffer dogs are helping us for centuries. Dogs really rule if they are compared on the basis of a sense of smell. Continue reading “The Sense of Smell in Dogs”

Compulsive behavior: Does my dog present this pathology?

Does your dog continually chase his tail? Is any part of the body excessively licked? Does it seem that he hunts flies that do not exist continuously? These are some of the symptoms that your dog can present in case of suffering a compulsive disorder, although the complexity of the pathology requires the help of your veterinarian for its correct diagnosis.
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The Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in our pets.

Does your pet have changes in the behavior that you associate with age? Is it true that to the pets also “fails” the head for old age? What changes can we expect about our pet in a few years? … Certainly, 50% of pets also present a cognitive deterioration from the age of 11 with varied symptoms (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome). To know them, an early diagnosis and possible treatments are of vital importance.

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Does your pet forget to go to the toilet?…Any solution?

Do you still punish your dog when he does not pee on the street? Do you think he should have already learned to do it? Up to 25% of the ethological consultations are carried out due to improper disposal, and the abandonment of the pet is frequent if the solution is not found. In order of importance we find this:

Learning Problems>Anxiety due to Separation> Territorial Marking>Others


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