Feline Aggressiveness: Analyze, typify and act!

Is your cat thrown to the feet of visitors in your home? Do you start playing with him and have to leave it because it bites you? Do your cats constantly fight at certain times? Feline aggression represents the second clinical problem of feline ethology with an incidence of 35%. It supposes a problem for the welfare of the animal, because the aggressiveness is accompanied by excessive stress of the animal and can also be abandoned because of the problemas that represents for the owner.
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History of the Domestication of the Dog

History of domestication of dogs relates to the friendly partnership between humans and dogs. As per the rules of a relationship, it is necessary for both parties to take care of some of the basic needs of each other. That was exactly in this case, dogs helped human in hunting, transferring any information and an alarm system. In return, humans provided them with shelter, food and protection from different factors. However, it has become the biggest debate for the last few years that when this companionship first started. Continue reading “History of the Domestication of the Dog”

Dog Nutrition: Key Facts

A balanced diet with necessary nutrition facts is essential for every animal. Hence, dogs also require such a diet to improve their health, growth and maintenance of broken tissues or cell. Moreover, bearing in mind some needs, deficiencies, specific instruction to follow and most importantly the type of diet your pet needs to complete the daily cycle of nutrition. Nowadays it has become easier because the high-quality pet foods are available in the market with a variety of advantages that can be used. This manufacturer of this food focus on the needs of the pet and they try to meet the exact requirements of their product. Continue reading “Dog Nutrition: Key Facts”

The Canine Immune System

The immune system in dogs is similar to most of the animals on this planet. Dysfunction of this system can result in various diseases like diabetes, infection, cancer and osteoarthritis. Hence, you must keep the immune system of your dog balanced in order to prevent such outcomes.

            The canine immune system works as a housekeeper that defends the body from external bacteria. Hence, researchers are also trying to find out the type of these viruses and bacteria that can harm your dog. Moreover, it is the main finding of research that cancer cells are reproduced quickly than the normal cell. That’s why it imbalances the body quickly but the immune system tries to avoid such situation. So, here are some of the tips that can play a significant role in strengthening the immune system of your dog. Continue reading “The Canine Immune System”